Think big – learn, certify, make an impact.

OpenEDG is all about education. Edube Interactive is all about your success.

Whether you're a student or a working professional, a beginner or an advanced learner, whether you're representing an organization or representing yourself – your choices determine your reality, your everyday life, and the world around you.

We believe in the power of education and certification. With the right education, you will have the right skills and knowledge to pursue your chosen career. With industry certification, you will have the right tools to get the job you want and make the kind of impact you want. With determination, and a little bit of our help, you will succeed.

The right education and the right certification open doors and allow you to take full advantage of all the opportunities you will find on the other side. Welcome to Edube Interactive – the Learning and Assessment Hub.

Edube Interactive

Edube Interactive is an OpenEDG project – an education and assessment platform designed to provide access to high-quality courses and study resources for everyone, everywhere, at any time. Our mission is to enhance the learning and teaching experience both online and as part of on-site and on-campus training.

Edube Interactive is an OpenEDG Learning and Assessment Service, which combines interactive tools and globally recognized curricula designed for learning and teaching programming and IT-related skills. Our goal is to enhance the ways in which educational and assessment programs are offered and provided to students and test candidates.

Edube Interactive features a number of unique and highly effective didactic tools integrated within the courses: browser-based programming environments; courseware; tests; assessments; and lab scenarios, all of which guide students through their educational journey and equip them with a set of hard skills sought after in the job markets of today and tomorrow.


Open Education and Development Group (OpenEDG) is an organization comprised of people who are passionate about IT and education. We are proud to be involved in some of the biggest and most exciting educational projects in the world.

OpenEDG, through its educational, assessment and certification programs, brings together a committed community of IT professionals, programming specialists, programming enthusiasts, educational establishments, training organizations, companies and volunteers who strive for quality development, assessment excellence, and the promotion of programming and IT-related technologies.

Our Projects

OpenEDG offers Edube Interactive to individuals as well as schools, universities and training organizations via the OpenEDG Education Partner and OpenEDG Testing Partner programs.

The e-learning platform provides access to Python, C, C++, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript educational programs, and features modern didactic tools designed to improve students’ learning experiences and boost their engagement in the process of learning and developing coding skills.

Edube Interactive, as a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Content Management System (CMS), is also a great tool for teachers looking to improve their didactic efficiency and enhance the didactic content of their teaching/learning environments.

The Testing Service provides access to quiz, test, and lab creators, as well as online on-campus and off-campus assessment tools. Becoming an OpenEDG Testing Service Partner makes it possible for institutions to deliver OpenEDG entry-level and specialist-level exams on and off campus through their own local authorized testing centers.