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Choose your pathway

Software Development, high-level or low-level programming, website building, GUI programming, data analysis, or testing? Outline your career goals and choose the career path that's right for you. Not sure where to begin? Take our career aptitude test to find out which careers suit your skills and interests.

Step 2
Do the course

Learn programming from scratch – begin from the absolute basics and start writing your own code within minutes of enrolling on the course. Know programming already? Learn the more advanced topics to gain more programming confidence, increase your experience, and expand your skills to become a highly capable and proficient developer.

Step 3
Certify your skills

Join a network of certified professionals and demonstrate your programming expertise to the world. Stand out from the crowd, get more rewarding challenges, and show others that you care about your own development.

Step 4
Boost your career

Become more efficient and accurate in what you're doing, get a higher salary, or simply get the job you’ve always wanted! Earn some well-deserved recognition for your programming expertise.


  • fabio.png

    Fabio Miguel Blaska da Fonseca

    Cross-Product Lead Consultant at DELL Technologies, Brazil
    I recommend the Python Essentials course because of its didactic methodology, and the exercises and labs which provide students with a good understanding of each covered topic. They are very clear and detailed, and gave me a great experience on my Python programming journey.
  • alexandra.png

    Alexandra Mihaela

    DevOps Engineer at Gameloft, Romania
    The Python Essentials course was very helpful. The syllabus is great – I knew exactly what I had to learn for the PCAP exam. The examples and exercises were very interesting and useful at the same time, and they helped me better understand the problems that must be solved.
  • jan.png

    Jan Bieck

    Data Analytics Associate at PwC Deutschland, Germany
    In my job as an Analytics Associate at PwC, I work a lot with Python, and working with classes and functions became a must-have. This is where you do a great job: you give plenty of explanations, they are easy to digest, and always accompanied by simple code examples, but never too much theory in the form of pure text.
  • Reda Boumediene.jpg

    Reda Boumediene

    Software Engineer at Harman International, Morocco
    It was a very rewarding experience and I am fully satisfied. There are several things I thought I had mastered before, but after taking your C++ courses I realized that this was not the case. The courses are very well written and contain details that I can't find elsewhere.