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Learn Python – the language of today and tomorrow

Python is the programming language that opens more doors than any other. With a solid knowledge of Python, you can work in a multitude of jobs and a multitude of industries. Even if you don’t need it for work, you will find it useful to know, so get started with the Python Essentials two-course series from the OpenEDG Python Institute, provided through Edube Interactive, and endorsed by Cisco and the British Government.

Why Python?

It is omnipresent, and people use numerous Python-powered devices on a daily basis, whether they realize it or not. There have been millions (well, actually billions) of lines of code written in Python, which means almost unlimited opportunities to reuse code and learn from well-crafted examples. What’s more, the Python community is very large and very active, and always happy to help.

Python – the gift that keeps on giving. The more you understand Python, the more you can do in the 21st Century – anybody working in IT needs to know it, either to the same level as their native language, or at the very least to a basic level.

Software Engineer, Software Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Systems Administrator, Security Engineer, Tester... The jobs that involve Python are varied and interesting. And there are many of them.

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