The Sandbox

Design, build, tinker, test, experiment. Play with code.

Writing code has never been easier. With the Sandbox you get all the tools you need to write and test your code online, with no additional setup, download, installation, or configuration. Write your code from anywhere in the world, on any device that has an Internet connection and an Internet browser.

When doing the courses with Edube Interactive™, performing coding exercises, or simply running your own computer programs, you don't need to install any software applications to try out your code. Instead, you can use the Sandbox – an online, interactive, browser-based programming environment. Even though you access it remotely, you'll quickly see that it feels local.

Edube Sandbox on your device

Simple interface – a multitude of functionalities

The Sandbox has been created in harmony with the concept of minimalist design. As a result, it features two screens only: the editor and the console. There are no unnecessary elements or disturbing ads to distract you from your coding work – and there will never be.

The editor window lets you write and edit the source code before you run your program, export it to a file, or share it with others by generating a shareable link. The syntax highlighting feature will make your code more readable and easy to follow, while automatic indentation, autocomplete, and bracket matching features will simplify and speed up your code typing.

The console window lets you see the output of your programs and interact with them. This way you're able to test your code as you write it.

The Sandbox currently supports the following technologies: Python 2, Python 3, ANSI C, C++ (98), C++ (11), C++ (14), JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Play in the Sandbox and release your creativity.